The 23rd Annual TCC Worldwide Online Conference: April 17-19, 2018

Technology, Colleges and Community (TCC), is a worldwide online conference attended by university and college personnel including faculty, research associates, academic support staff, counselors, student services personnel, students, and administrators.

Join our 22nd edition of this annual event to share your expertise, experiences, and knowledge relevant to the use of information technology in learning, teaching, innovation, and academic services. This event is very helpful and “friendly” to novices. It provides you with a strong foundation about teaching and learning with modern technologies.

We have unlimited site licenses for group, campus and related institutional participants.

For more information, contact Bert Kimura <>. For group registration info, contact Sharon Fowler <>.

TCC 2018 Keynote #1

Women with Disabilities Navigating the Women’s Health Digital Landscape

Recorded April 17, 2018

Within the massive digital landscape, information for people with disabilities occupies a mere speck. Within that speck, information for women with disabilities occupies only a small fraction, even though their numbers are rapidly increasing and they constitute more than half of the disabled population, especially in older age groups.

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TCC 2018 Keynote #2

Physical Learning:
Moving Beyond Dual-Coding Theory

Recorded April 19, 2018

Audio and visual representations have been the predominant means of education. The availability of cheaply produced material in print, from words on paper to representations on computers and smartphones, has enabled text to become the primary medium for teaching, learning and assessment. That has been extended by easy-to-produce-and-share videos that have made lectures a reality for local and distance learners. Learn more…


Institutional Initiatives in Digital Credentials

Recorded March 21, 2018

Digital credentials are fast emerging as a new form of currency in the marketplace for knowledge and skills. This session will assist participants to understand the importance in understanding digital credentials provide more value than just gamification of content. Digital badges can provide learners with achievement guideposts along a course or program journey.

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