The Technology, Colleges and Community Worldwide Online Conference (TCC Online Conference) is a virtual, professional development event held annually online. This event enables faculty, staff, students and administrators in higher education worldwide to share their expertise and engage in discussions about innovations and practices related to the use of technology for teaching and learning.

TCC runs on a real-time schedule, with starting and ending dates and times. It includes activities such as live presentations and discussion sessions that begin and end at set times throughout the day. The conference theme focuses on current trends and issues related to technologies for teaching and learning.

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Accessibility Information for this website is available in alternate formats. For disability accommodations, advance notice is requested. Contact Bert Kimura <bert@hawaii.edu> ten (10) days prior to the conference start date.

TCC Hawaii, LearningTimes, & the Learning Design and Technology Department (LTEC), University of Hawaii College of Education, collaborate to produce this event. Volunteer faculty and staff worldwide provide additional support.

TCCHawaii.org is a U.S. approved tax-exempt, non-profit, educational organization founded and incorporated in the State of Hawaii in 2010. The organization sponsors and produces professional development opportunities for faculty, staff and students in higher education worldwide, such as the annual Teaching, Colleges, and Community (TCC) Worldwide Online Conference, and TCCfx, a half-day mini-conference for graduate students. Contact Sharon Fowler <fowlers@hawaii.edu> if interested in making a tax-exempt donation.

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