Beyond Learning Outcomes: What Do Online Students Learn Besides Math?

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It makes sense that an instructor’s primary focus is on the learning outcomes of the course. But, what about the ancillary skills that students can master as part of the course? For online courses, these skills are extremely valuable in the job market. With the drastic rise of telecommuting jobs over the past decade, students will benefit tremendously if instructors promote these skills. The behaviors that help students excel in online classes are the same behaviors that will help them excel as telecommuters/remote employees, or as someone who communicates with coworkers/clients from afar.
Tami Tacker
Tami Tacker, Kaplan University, TX, USA
Tami Tacker’s online journey started with Purdue Global (formerly Kaplan University) over 15 years ago, where in addition to teaching, she has served as the Subject Matter Expert on several course revisions. She has developed and frequently conducts pre-term outreach workshops which bolster students’ confidence and enthusiasm as they begin their math courses. She earned her B.S. and M.S. in Mathematics and has taught all levels of mathematics courses.
Lea Rosenberry
Lea Rosenberry, Kaplan University, PA, USA
Lea Rosenberry has been teaching college-level math for over 20 years. She has a Master’s in education and 24 graduate hours in mathematics and statistics. With over 16 years in online education she has experience in curriculum development, creating online content, training and mentoring new instructors, and writing and facilitating online courses. Lea joined Purdue Global’s (formerly Kaplan University) Math Department in July of 2005. In addition to teaching, she is the Course Lead for Purdue Global’s two highest enrollment math classes, Survey of Math and College Algebra, and is responsible for keeping the courses current and relevant, and building a faculty learning community for each course.
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