The Social Development Pedagogy of Games in Education

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Why are games important in education? How Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow model & Jesse Schell’s Elemental Tetrad Game Design Model is depicted during a certain level of event like game-based learning in academia. The Flow Model contains the behavioral patterns of and event like game play which consists of the emotions that were evaluated were the following: anxiety, boredom, worry, relaxation, arousal, apathy, and control. (Csikszentmihalyi, 2008). four elements are the following: 1) mechanics, 2) aesthetics, 3) story, and 4) technology. (Schell, 2008). Social Development Pedagogy of Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory of games in education and how it promotes learning and mirrors with Learning Game Design. Games encourage students to learn for themselves and principles that Good Gaming Stimulate Learning. Gender inequality in the video game industry. Q’s Digital Literacy Game-Based Learning Design Model used in Academia and Further Research Goals.
Quiana Bradshaw
Quiana Bradshaw, Kaplan University, Goldsboro, NC, USA
Dr. Quiana Bradshaw works at Purdue University Global, Florida State College at Jacksonville, University of the Cumberland’s and University of the People. I have received my Doctorate of Computer Science with a concentration in emerging media in September 2013 and was noted making a significant contribution to the field. I have published several studies on educational games and learning game design characteristics. Serves a Software & Industry Information Association Codie Judge since 2016 to present & Serious Play Conference 2018 International Serious Play Awards Game Judge.

However, I have attended various conferences many games for change initiatives and has followers on Twitter that varies from instructional designers, curriculum designers and game designers. As a result, I have gotten an IRB approved to create an app for Diabetics on their smart phones and tablets. Aside from being a faculty member, researcher, and author and enjoys game-based learning initiatives. Dr. Bradshaw is also a member of the Higher Education Video Game Alliance, SIIA Codie Judge from 2016 to present. She is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery. I look forward to teaching you this semester and please don’t hesitate to contact me @

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