Promoting Faculty Scholarship at a Predominantly Online Teaching University

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Faculty scholarship at teaching institutions is a challenging endeavor due to the significant demands that teaching and service place on time, and because of limited research funding. The problem is even greater when faculty are predominantly remote. In addition to the limitations of time and money social interactions are constrained and typically take place via a technology interface. Physical laboratory space is nonexistent, often limiting discipline based research. Scholarly expertise among faculty can vary widely; some faculty may have extensive research and publishing experience, others may have none at all. We discuss our efforts to create a community of scholars with the use of internet based meetings, database development, shared expertise, and strategic awarding of scholarly support. Opportunities, stumbling blocks, and limitations will also be examined.
Wayne Briner
Wayne Briner, Ashford University, San Diego, California, USA
Long time professor in both the face to face and online environment.
Joseph Belcher
Joseph Belcher, Ashford University , San Diego, CA, USA
Dr. Trevor Belcher is an Associate Dean in Ashford University’s College of Health, Human Services, and Science. Over the past two decades, his educational and practical experience have allowed him the opportunity to serve in various capacities such as pastoral ministry, counseling, consulting, teaching, and administration. Previously he was a faculty member and an Associate Dean at Kaplan University and held administrative positions at Patten University and at New Charter University. He has a PhD and MS in Psychology from Capella University and a BS with a double major in Ministry and Theology from Mid-America Christian University. Dr. Belcher’s current academic interests include education, leadership, and wellness.
Jeral Kirwan
Jeral Kirwan, Ashford University, San Diego, CA, USA
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