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Contemplative pedagogies are secularized forms of traditionally religious practices adapted for use as learning aids. These include meditation, silence, lectio divina, or beholding. Ergas (2013) asserted that, “The incorporation of contemplative practices in Western curricula is still a marginal phenomenon” because “we have not yet developed a rigorous conceptualization of contemplative practice as pedagogy” (p. 4). Deeper analysis of these “ancient sacred technologies” (Wiethaus, 2016) is needed to understand them from an instructional design perspective. Drawing on religious studies and anthropological perspectives, a framework for analysis is proposed that combines learning science with a contextual understanding of how contemplative practices are used in traditional religious pedagogy. With this understanding, it may be possible to utilize contemplative exercises as a form of direct instruction that can be mapped to learning outcomes for traditional higher education curricula, thus expanding their use beyond learning support to testable instructional strategies. The presentation will focus specifically on selecting appropriate contemplative pedagogies for use in online courses.
Kai Dailey
Kai Dailey, California State University Fullerton, Fullerton, CA, USA
Kai Dailey is a graduate student in the Master’s of Science in Instructional Design and Technology program at CSU Fullerton. She evaluates theory, methods and outcomes related to contemplative practices from an instructional design (learning science) perspective to assist educators in the informed selection, ethical implementation, and relevant assessment of contemplative pedagogies within secular contexts. Her contemplative teaching experience includes Montana State Women’s Prison and homeless shelter/transitional housing in Spokane, WA.

She is a registered yoga instructor (500 hours) since 2008 and a daily meditator for 17 years. She completed seven years of study with an American Daoist master.

Her research interests include contemplative studies, particularly contemplative pedagogies. Her instructional interests include designing and facilitating open online courses. Kai joined the Coursera Mentor Community in 2016 and currently mentors two courses on the platform: Human-Centered Design: An Introduction (UC San Diego) and User Experience: Research & Prototyping (UC San Diego). She splits her time between Santa Barbara, California and Spokane, Washington.

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