Getting the Most Out of Turnitin and Teachable Moments

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Getting the Most Out of Turnitin discusses the different functions of a report and how to dig deeper to find additional sources utilized by the student. The presenters will describe what the Similarity Score indicates and how it relates to plagiarism. Example reports will be reviewed, and discussion will include red flags that suggest further investigation is needed.

The Teachable Moments presentation helps instructors with the next step: once an instructor has reviewed the Turnitin report and determined the APA elements are missing, he/she must manage the issue with the student. This portion of the presentation provides options for teachable moments, so the student learns from the mistake. We will share a variety of methods that faculty can utilize to assist students with learning scholarly writing skills and utilize their own academic voice.

Teresa Thomas
Teresa Thomas, Ashford University, San Diego, CA, USA
Teresa Thomas is full-time faculty member at Ashford University for the College of Health, Human Services, and Sciences. She is also a faculty member at Purdue Global University and University of Phoenix. Her teaching career began at a teaching hospital in Michigan for physician practices, residents, and interns. In 2008, she moved to teaching at the University level. She has developed nursing and health care management curriculum as well as being a contributory textbook author. She participates as a member of the Student Community Standards Committee and the Faculty Curriculum Committee. Teresa has been a proponent of using Teachable Moments in her classrooms and presented the Teachable Moment philosophy to colleagues where it grew into Ashford’s Originality Matters taskforce where she is a lead contributor.
Lynne Trevisan
Lynne Trevisan, Ashford University, San Diego, CA, USA
Dr. Lynne Trevisan is an Assistant Professor in the Health Care Administration program at Ashford University. She earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2000. She began teaching as an adjunct faculty in 2001 at a community college, joining the Ashford team in 2009. Her roles at Ashford have varied from supporting instructors, handling grade appeals, and disciplining for plagiarism; she moved into the full-time faculty role in 2012.
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