Managing Stress for Developmental Writers

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Both academic studies and anecdotal evidence inform college teachers, particularly developmental writing instructors that stress can interfere with academic performance. Composition teachers can help inform students of strategies to help keep their life and writing-related stress levels at a manageable level as to not interfere with the quality of their written assignments. Strategies to use include integrating humor and positive /constructive criticism, building community, teaching mindfulness and positive self-talk, and emphasizing growth mindset and self-care.
Pistoresi Frances
Pistoresi Frances, University of Phoenix, Online, USA
Frances Pistoresi is Full-Time Faculty at University of Phoenix, primarily teaching developmental writing classes. She is passionate about considering the role of mindset in learning and being part of a movement to level the playing field so all students can earn an excellent education. She earned her MA/BA at Georgetown University in Washington DC.
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  1. Avatar April 19, 2018 at 11:03 am #

    Hi Frances,
    I really enjoyed your presentation. I also teach developmental writing. A research stream I’m pursuing is how to teach students self-efficacy and how to be proactive in the face of challenges. What you are doing here is similar to what I’m working on. If you would like to team up for a research study of some sort we might be able to do something neat with our ideas!

    Jessica Love

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