Usability Study of a Website for New Leaders at Grace Bible Church Pearlside

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With the growing number of college and young adults attending small groups at Grace Bible Church Pearlside, groups are often required to break into smaller groups in order to maintain intimacy. Due to this separation, there will be leaders who have not been trained in the art of leading small groups and will be relying on previous experiences as attenders to facilitate the conversation, resulting in a lack of participation from attendees or a conversation that is dominated by one person. To help address this issue, the researcher designed and developed a website as a potential solution that provides information to help a new leader with their transition. The website was designed utilizing Squarespace and focused on design patterns that would be familiar to the learner. These include creating a navigational framework, managing the content, and designing effective page layouts.

The purpose of the usability study was to explore the ease-of-use of a leadership website ( for new and upcoming leaders at Grace Bible Church Pearlside. The researcher conducted two rounds of usability testing with three people in each round. Feedback indicated that the website was easy to use and that there was an improvement in the overall usability of the website between sessions. The average task difficult rating after both rounds of testing was 5.125 out of 6. Usability ratings ranged from 1 (very difficult) to 6 (very easy). Now that the website has been identified as being easy to use, the next step is meeting with Grace Bible Church Pearlside leadership to discuss the implementation for future leaders. The session will discuss the results, method used, participant data, design implications, website improvements, and opportunities for future updates.

Jon Anthony Burdios
Jon Anthony Burdios, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, USA
Jon Burdios is a graduate student in the Learning Design and Technology Program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and will be graduating in May. He obtained his B.A. in Communications in 2010 and currently works as the Social Media Manager for the University of Hawaii System. In his free time, Jon enjoys working on personal design projects, binging Netflix documentaries, and thinking of future tweets.
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