Communicating With Difficult People Online Without Losing Your Cool

Session Description
How often do you leave an online exchange with a difficult person and wonder what you could have done differently to be more competent in your communication? Communicating through technology is challenging for many because of the lack of nonverbal cues, lack of traditional ways to build trust and rapport and difficulty of collaboration. This webinar will discuss effective and ineffective online communication, conflict response and resolution, why it is unhealthy to avoid conflict, keys to successful collaboration and how effective communication begins. The focus of the content will be application and specific tips will be provided for increased understanding and communicating without losing your cool in a technology-mediated context.
Joanna Bauer
Joanna Bauer, Kaplan University, Pasadena, CA, USA
Erin Berman
Erin Berman, Kaplan University, CA, USA
Suzanne Atkin
Suzanne Atkin, Kaplan University, CA, USA
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