Learning Spaces around the world (EU, Japan, Singapore, Australia, USA, Canada): International comparative study of Learning Spaces trends, policies, design principles and outcomes on the teaching & learning practices.

Session Description
This session will present and discuss the first results of an international comparative study (Europe, Japan, Singapore, Australia, USA, Canada) of Learning Spaces policies, trends, design principles, and outcomes on teaching and learning practices, and more globally on campuses’ transformation.
John Augeri
John Augeri, Paris Ile-de-France Digital University, Paris, France
John Augeri is co-founder and Deputy Director of Paris Ile-de-France Digital University, a multiple universities government leaded consortium dedicated to the promotion and development of digital infrastructures, tools, services and practices in Paris area’s Higher Education.

His core focuses are Learning Spaces, Faculty Development, international survey and cooperations, BYOD.

John regularly acts as advisor at the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and as guest lecturer and advisor in 50 universities in France, Australia, Singapore, Japan and USA.

John is currently conducting an international comparative study of Learning Spaces around the world. He’s member of the major international Learning Spaces related workgroups (i.e. EDUCAUSE, FLEXspaxe) and has been invited twice as visiting researcher in Japan.

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