Enhancing student confidence with video/audio assignments

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In my Internship courses I am requiring videos instead of papers. For example, in one of my Internship courses students must provide directions on how to use tools in an Internship they are currently in that will help them to stay organized. Instead of having them write a paper, they have to create a narrated video presentation. There are directions/requirements for these assignments they must abide by (just as they would when writing a paper). I am finding students become more engaged in their research of the topic and the presentations are much more detailed and professional. This is an important tool for students to learn/understand as they enter a workforce that uses a variety of tools to communicate and collaborate in a digital world today.

I always get rave reviews from students on these assignments stating they learned so much more than the topic, they became better communicators and also felt more confident in themselves. As they say teaching someone how to use a tool is the best way to become the expert with it.

Glen Jenewein
Glen Jenewein, Kaplan University, Chicago, IL, USA
I have been working in the field of online education for about 20 years. I have been engaged in a variety of aspects of online education to include; teaching, curriculum development, eLearning training and management, faculty support and development & a variety of other teaching and administrative roles.
Risa Blair
Risa Blair, Kaplan University, Chicago, IL, USA
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  1. pmachell@purdueglobal.edu April 17, 2018 at 1:28 pm #

    This great session discussed the use of audio and video in student feedback. Also, customizing the final project for an IT program was described. Instead of writing a research paper, the IT students used their cumulative skills to create audio and video presentations. This made the final project very practical and useful for the students. Very useful information was shared.

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