Learning for the Sake of Learning, not for the Grade

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It may be argued that college students tend to focus efforts primarily on a course’s final grade outcome rather than learning course objectives. They may also feel entitled to good grades, given the wide-spread acceptance of the consumer-based model of Western higher education, which Potts (2005) blames for student dishonesty and the interpretation of grades as the only means of success. Behavioral, psychological, socio-cultural, and holistic perspectives of engagement were suggested by Kahu (2013), with each tied into feedback from the professor. This session will examine these approaches and others in the quest to encourage learning for the sake of learning instead of the final grade.
Tamara Fudge
Tamara Fudge, Kaplan University, Moline, IL, USA
Dr. Tamara Fudge teaches online for Purdue University Global and has designed courses in systems analysis and design, web development, human-computer interaction, and other topics. In addition to her current involvement in technology topics, she previously taught college/university courses in vocal and choral music, theory, and composition; worked as a weekend newspaper correspondent; and endured a brief stint as an agent and registered representative in the financial industry. She earned degrees from Indiana, Florida State, and Kaplan Universities, and has received awards for innovation and teaching.
Lynne Williams
Lynne Williams, Kaplan University, Rio Rancho, NM, USA
Dr. Lynne Williams has been teaching university courses in a variety of information technology subject areas since 1995 with an emphasis on networking. Prior to coming to Purdue University Global, she taught at the University of New Mexico, Santa Fe Community College, and Northern New Mexico Community College. In addition to her work in academia, she frequently takes contract work as a systems administrator and systems analyst. Her research interests include digital privacy, cryptocurrency, and the use of artificial intelligence in applications.
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