Designing Rapid Responses for Social Issues

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Session focuses on creating rapid responses to national and global events. How do you address current events and create and curate new online content in the age of Fake New, Alts Facts, Hacking, Global Communication and a Connected World? We’ll look at social media, the online participatory culture, and digital literacy for your students.
Kae Novak
Kae Novak, Front Range Community College, Westminster, CO, USA
Kae Novak is an Instructional Designer for a Colorado community college and is a doctoral student at the University of Colorado – Denver. She collaborates with ISTE Games and Simulations Network educators to offer a Just-In-Time series, called “Rapid Responses” whenever they find it necessary to discuss or fact check current events. In her spare time, she leads and facilitates the Metagame Book Club which combines the reading of fiction, game play and education research.
Chris Luchs
Chris Luchs, Colorado Community College System, Denver, CO, USA
Chris Luchs is a Community College Leadership PhD student at Old Dominion University. He has over twelve years of experience teaching online and f2f at the community college level. His areas of instruction are Business, Accounting, and Multimedia and Graphic Design. In addition to formal college instruction, Chris has a passion for investigating new technologies and collaborating internationally with other educators on evaluating and exploring virtual worlds and games based educational applications. His current happy places are analytics, data visualization tools, and reading LitRPG.
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