Open Education Resources Seeking And Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Online

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In Colorado, a recent state resolution has its department of higher education investigating ways to bring open educational resources (OER) into their 31 public institutions of higher education. The state has additionally statutorily established a Open Educational Resources Council. If publisher textbooks and material is to be replaced with OER, this would provide an opportunity for online courses to be redesigned at scale, which could include OER material based on social justice, equity, antiracism, and inclusion. This OER material could create and support culturally relevant pedagogy online. There are two key components needed by online educators to be able to seize the opportunity to incorporate OER that can create and support culturally relevant pedagogy. This is not only a call for action for online educators to use OER that will support culturally relevant pedagogy, but also to create OER, and research how connected learning can be brought into institutionalized online learning.
Kae Novak
Kae Novak, Front Range Community College, Westminster, CO, USA
Kae Novak is an Instructional Designer for a Colorado community college and is a doctoral student at the University of Colorado – Denver. She collaborates with ISTE Games and Simulations Network educators to offer a Just-In-Time series, called “Rapid Responses” whenever they find it necessary to discuss or fact check current events. In her spare time, she leads and facilitates the Metagame Book Club which combines the reading of fiction, game play and education research.
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