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Much has been written on student-centered pedagogy. By rethinking instructional strategies to better meet a diverse audience, instructors and designers are more likely to lean toward universal design for learning and create more engaging experiences for learners overall. However, there is also an element of relationship necessary to implement student-centered practices; that is, the instructor must be open to a two-way dialog about learning and student needs.

Having taught online for 18 years, Dr. Manning has encountered many kinds of students. In this presentation, Susan will share the five archetypes who have shaped her teaching practice and improved pedagogy and design.

Dr. Susan Manning
Dr. Susan Manning

Dr. Susan Manning

Dr. Susan Manning teaches courses in instructional design, universal design for learning, and the use of games for learning at the University of Wisconsin at Stout. She is well regarded nationally as a leading expert in the design and implementation of online learning, professional development for educators, and digital badge systems and credentialing programs. Dr. Manning’s contributions to online education were recognized by the Sloan Consortium, which awarded her the prestigious 2013 Excellence in Online Teaching Award. Susan’s publications have focused on online education, technology tools, and credential systems.
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