Regional Session (Asia) – Can Video Games Help Us Understand Our Students?

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The video game medium reflects the current generation’s method of information gathering. This information acquisition is done in affinity spaces (Gee, 2006), where gamers gather to exchange information and informal learning occurs. The gamers’ need-to-know drives them to seek affinity spaces such as in World of Warcraft (WoW).

Under similar circumstances when teaching with visual media, educators provide cultural references and the origin of punch lines in movies and TV shows. When educators understand how students are gathering information and using it, experiences in an ESL classroom can be enhanced (Vygotsky, 1978).

Dr. Lee shares how he supplemented a flipped classroom approach using affinity space experiences with university undergraduates in South Korea.

Dr. Susan Manning
Dr. Yun Joon “Jason” Lee

Dr. Jason Lee

Dr. Yun Joon “Jason” Lee an assistant professor in English Education at Daegu National University of Education at Daegu (DNUE), South Korea. DNUE trains elementary pre-service teachers for four years. Dr. Lee teaches English conversation classes to all the sophomores in order to bring the national movement of TEE (Teaching English in English) to the next level.

Dr. Lee earned his Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction at Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), focusing on second language development through video games, especially World of Warcraft. His research is focused on media literacy, such as video games, movies, TV shows, YouTube, and graphic novels in teaching ESL.

Dr. Lee is Secretary General of The Society for Teaching English through Media (STEM), an executive committee member of the International Council of Educational Media (ICEM), and International Affairs officer of PKETA (Pan-Korea English Teachers Association).

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