Issues in Using Periscope for Academic Lectures

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I have been using Periscope to broadcast live language and translation lectures. Viewers made comments, asked questions, put likes and smileys during the live broadcasts. The purpose of the lecture broadcasts was to help student followers on Twitter develop language, translation and interpreting skills, respond to their academic needs and introduce them to latest language and translation research.

Responses to a questionnaire-survey showed that followers found the live lectures and their replays beneficial. Some followers could not follow the live broadcast as they were busy but were able to replay the recorded lectures on Twitter. Some suggested that I upload the Periscope lectures on You Tube to be viewed anytime and to avoid removal. Others suggested the use of other Apps such as Zoom.

As a lecturer, I found Periscope easy in that I could go live anytime. I did not have to register those interested in viewing the live lectures. No time is required to upload and publish the recorded lecture on Twitter. In addition, Periscope live lectures are free. However, reading the comments and questions while presenting was somewhat challenging as I had to Interrupt the lecture to answer the questions or respond to the comments. Sometimes I answered the questions orally at the end of the lecture or in tweets. Lecturing via Periscope is not like face to face lectures in that I could not hear viewers’ voices.

The presentation will give some Periscope lecture analytics, some reflections on Periscope live lectures and recommendations.

Reima Al-Jarf
Reima Al-Jarf, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Al-Jarf has taught ESL, ESP, linguistics and translation for 26 years. She has 600 publications and conference presentation in 70 countries. She has been a TCC presenter since 2007 and has given 19 TCC presentations. She reviews articles for numerous peer-reviewed international journals. She won 3 Excellence in Teaching Awards, and the Best Faculty Website Award at her university.
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